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WheresTheRemote is a new site that's all about legitimate remote job opportunities (aka telecommute or off-site). It's a venue for employers to advertise them and job seekers to find them.


We're a new site, but we offer low cost basic ads and a 100% money back guarantee on premium ads. Without even having jobs on the site yet, we have followers on our mailing list and Facebook, and we expect to rapidly start getting more traffic once jobs start appearing on the site.

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Since we're a new site we need your help to show advertisers that it will be worth their while to post jobs here. If you like the concept of the site, you can help us get it up and running by subscribing to our mailing list, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter.

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$5 for 14 days
Freelance $60 10/19/2010